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This or That AAC


Break Through the Silence

Introducing a new App for communicating with the nonverbal.

Easy choices: just speak to ask, and tap a picture to choose.


So how does it work?

ThisOrThat AAC lets you offer a choice of two options: it’s as simple as speaking a phrase like “waffles or pancakes”. Two images will automatically show up matching your two items. The nonverbal individual can tap the image they want to indicate their preference.


But I already have

an AAC device.

Not like this one. No more programming a board of icons. No complicated folder navigation. Just speak to ask, and tap to answer. You’re not limited to a preset dictionary of icons. It can fit any situation on demand. We’ll instantly pull up images for your phrase just like internet search engines. Don’t like the first image? Just swipe to find another, or pick your own from your photos.


Can anyone use it?

Speech impaired individuals can use it with anyone - not just those trained in sign language or PECS systems. ThisOrThat AAC can be used with those with Autism, Aphasia, Aphonia, ALS, Dyslalia, Dysarthria, as well as stroke victims, the deaf, and people with many other types of speech disorders.

Alright, so what's it gonna cost me?


We have worked hard on this product and could charge a hefty price as most AAC apps do, but that’s not why we’re doing this.


Inner Mind Studios has decided to make ThisOrThat AAC 100% FREE - No trials, no locked premium features. Not even any ads. 


It’s our gift to you - all the heroic parents, teachers, therapists, caregivers, extended family and friends of the amazing nonverbal and speech challenged people in your lives.


Coming Soon

Spring 2020

Every human being deserves the freedom of choice. It’s never been easier to communicate with the speech impaired. What would you ask your nonverbal loved one if they could answer?

iOS & Android


Try it now by signing up for our beta test below!

What will you ask first?

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